Monday, May 23, 2005


I take back what I posted earlier about not hearing moaning or chains rattling. Upon listening to my audio files from that day, I've found what could possibly be EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). EVPs are purported to be the recorded voices of ghosts. In this case I was using a Sony ICD-ST10 audio digital recorder. In both cases, an offsite investigator has evaluated them and found these voices to be within normal human ranges. Therefore it is inconclusive that these are real EVPS. All I can say is that I was there and no one said these things in the presence of my recorder.

Recording no. 1
In this case I was chatting with another group member. We were standing in a long hallway near a window as I recall. There was no one else close enough to be heard by my recorder in this way. At this time we haven't reached a definite conclusion as to what the voice is saying.

Recording no. 2
This was on another floor where some work was being done by people about thirty feet away, so this is the pounding you hear. I was attempting to show the building owner some photos I had taken on my digy camera. The camera's memory card chose that moment to die and I was fussing around with it trying to get it to work. At the end of the recording, you hear me call out in frustration to the spirits.

I haven't finished listening to the entire recording yet and it is possible that there are more voices to be heard.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

group name change

The name of our group was recently changed from Wisconsin Ghost Network -- East Central to East Central Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Investigation Zero

A group of us gathered to tour our next large investigation, some empty buildings in the southwestern part of the state. We are not revealing even the town's name in this case because the investigation is going to be very sensitive so we just call it Investigation Zero. I'm not sure we can post much about it here, but whatever I can post without violating our client's right to privacy, I will.

The buildings involved are good sized, with a lot of work to be done in them. With the owner's permission, we will be conducting at least one overnight investigation, possibly more than one night. The buildings have been unused for a number of years so there is some inside damage to them, caused by both mother nature and vandals. There is also a lot of dust and dirt, and no electricity or working toilets. There is also a cemetery close by that we will be investigating as an adjunct to the main investigation. Should be very interesting as these buildings are "off the radar" of most paranormal investigators so it should be new territory. On the down side, since they have been unoccupied for so long, there really isn't any recent oral history we can track down as far as paranormal activity is concerned. There is the usual "I thought I saw..." kind of stuff but it will be hard to pin down. Older accounts state something like "I felt a presence" or "I thought I saw something hanging there", but nothing concrete.

During our initial walkthru (to get some idea of how many people we'll need and how we'll conduct the investigation) we did take some video and photos. So far the video has not shown anything but some people report getting red mists and possible even "faces" in their photos. I have yet to see these photos, so I can't verify this. My personal experience was that I took a few photos with my Olympus D-340L digy cam, then when I wanted to review them, the camera's card died. I couldn't revive it without deleting all the photos. I'm trying to retrieve the photos using a utility software for retrieving lost data but so far no luck. My husband took the video with a Sony Mini-DV camera and reported lots of "going out of focus" episodes, more than you might expect. Some of it could be attributed to the niteshot light going from complete dark to a bright sliver of light, but sometimes it happened for no apparent reason. We haven't used the camera long enough to get a good idea of its reliablity though, so we're not attributing the problem to anything other than the camera itself at this point.

So that's my report so far--no moans or rattling of chains were heard but these buildings have a lot of story left to tell. We'll be conducting our investigation later this summer and hopefully I can post more then.